Autoclaving/Bio-waste Protocol

  • Make sure to soak dirty dishes/caps in the sink
  • Scrub dishes prior to using dishwasher

Dishwasher (in Autoclave room)


  1. Remove tape from glassware as much as possible before autoclaving

  2. Place bottles on metal pegs and caps/flatware (ie: stir sticks) in metal tray

    1. Place caps face-down so water doesn’t collect in them
  3. Set to heavy cycle and click start

  4. Fill out dishwashing record (information highlighted)

Autoclaving glassware/liquids/pipette tips

(~1hr 20 mins)

  1. After dishwashing: loosely screw caps onto bottles

  2. For items with no caps (ie: beakers, flasks, etc.) fold aluminum foil 2-3 times and cover the opening

  3. Place autoclave tape on foil or where the cap meets the bottle

  4. Open the door & lock the trolley into place before using autoclaves gloves to pull the cart onto the trolley

  5. Load tray with glassware/tips/etc. onto metal cart

    1. lift the metal lever (left-hand side) to push the cart back into the autoclave machine after loading
  6. Release the trolley by pushing the black lever

  7. Close the door and select cycle 8 (glassware and pipette tips)

    1. For liquids: select cycle 9 (or 10 or 11)

    2. Bio-waste: select cycle 1

  8. Fill out autoclave record (Right autoclave machine is for bio-trash only)

    1. Zhou Lab, Room 285G, (352)-273-8177
  9. After the cycle has finished, select “OPEN” to unlock the door

    1. Stand behind the door when opening to avoid hot steam
  10. Use autoclave gloves to pull tray onto loading cart and move trays onto the lab cart

  11. Wait ~5 mins for glassware to cool before tightly screwing on caps (Do not remove tape or foil)

  12. Store glassware away in Zhou lab cabinet (on the right when you walk in) and tips in cabinets by gloves

Disposing of/Autoclaving Bio-waste (trash)

(~90 mins)

*All trash that needs to be autoclaved must be thrown away in the fly room & put into thick biohazard trash bags*

(liner bags may be used in the general lab room)

  1. Autoclaving:

    1. Put on gloves.

    2. Twist the bag and use colored tape to tape around the twist several times. Then tape down onto the bag.

    3. Place trash into autoclave trays (brownish plastic trays) so that it doesn’t spill over the sides

      1. If it’s too big, split trash into two bags
    4. Follow steps 4-8 in autoclaving procedure

  2. Disposal:

    1. Tape the bottom of a bio-waste cardboard box (clear tape) and line with red liner bags

    2. Place autoclaved trash into the bag, and repeat twisting/taping

    3. Tape the top of the box in an “H” pattern and in the top left corner write:

      Zhou Lab


      3-8177 (phone #)

      **Date **

    4. Leave right outside the lab for pickup